CityKin: More Highway Waste

Unfortunately, I recently drove most of the eastern portions of I-275.  I noticed that miles and miles of precast concrete sound barrier has been installed and continues to be installed.  A quick internet search shows that these walls cost in… . . . → Read More: CityKin: More Highway Waste

CityKin: Infrastructure Cult

We need smart infrastructure, not just wider roads: …we want our infrastructure maintained. In fact, it’s the common denominator of a Strong Town. But the reason why we can’t maintain our infrastructure is not because we lack the money or are afraid … . . . → Read More: CityKin: Infrastructure Cult

CityKin: 417 Hopkins

While riding bikes with my son Sunday, I noticed this building in the West End that I had never noticed before. It caught my eye, because it is a very nice stone building that is obviously divided between two owners. It is in the Betts Longworth area… . . . → Read More: CityKin: 417 Hopkins

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