CityKin: 5K House Patching Floors

I’ve written on this blog  a few times about how to repair old wood floors.  I have not done a very good job of it in my house, and I am always looking for help in this area.  So, I see that Mark, at 5kCincyhas a good video of how he repairs old wood floors.  I found it helpful: And check out his whole blog.  He has done a beautiful job restoring a house in CampWashingtonover the past year.  Really an amazing job, an inspiration.  He is a skilled craftsman, and not everyone could replicate his quality, but I really (Read more...)

CityKin: Quadrant Magnets for CPS Schools

Today, our local newspaper has dedicated it’s entire opinion page to criticizing the current first-come-first-served enrollment process for CPS magnet schools.   First is an article written by a “Local Expert”, Michael Evans, a professor of education at MiamiUniversity, who lives in Wyoming.  Notable is that the suburb of Wyoming is just outside the City of Cincinnatineighborhood of Hartwell.  Also notable is that it is very expensive to buy a house in Wyoming, which you must do if you want your children to attend the highly-ranked WyomingSchools.  Mr. Evans is worried about the Cincinnati parents who cannot spend the time camping (Read more...)

CityKin: How to Have Your Heart Broken Every Year

….Grow an Urban Garden… Just Try.  Get permission from some owner of a vacant lot.  This can be the CivicGardenCenter, the City, or private developer.  Whoever, but meet with them and explain what you are doing and coordinate who is taking care of the lot and who should stay out.  Spend long hours bringing in good soil, removing glass, building beds, finding a water source, picking up litter, removing dog shit.  Meet with other people interested in gardening, invite them to assist, even if they are slightly insane.  Work beside old people who just grow okra like they did growing (Read more...)

CityKin: Found Drawings

While emptying a room of clutter, I found these old measured drawings of the Gamble House. I know the guy who measured and drew these (back in the 80s?), and he was a very good draftsman. I’m not sure where the originals are, and these copies are not… . . . → Read More: CityKin: Found Drawings

CityKin: Forward!

Obama won re-election last night.  Hamilton County elected a Democrat for sheriff for the first time in maybe forever.  And even more dramatic to my mind, the Freestore decided to renovate housing instead of tear it down.  One of my… . . . → Read More: CityKin: Forward!

CityKin: Roger Ebert, American Treasure

If you haven’t read Roger Ebert’s blog or Facebook posts, do yourself a favor and check it out.  He is prolific, thoughtful and bleeds Chicago.  A couple samples:I love to wander lonely streets in unknown cities. To find a cafe and order a co… . . . → Read More: CityKin: Roger Ebert, American Treasure

CityKin: W McMicken Bizarre Bazaar

The West McMicken Home Improvement Association has an event this Sunday which woudl definitely be worth seeing. It is held 10-4 at the Graphic Communications Union parking lot at 2351 W McMicken. See you there.  . . . → Read More: CityKin: W McMicken Bizarre Bazaar

CityKin: Old OTR Efficiency Apts

These two apartments were occupied just last year. They are very small and primitive efficiency apartments with gas space heaters, gas stove, tiny metal kitchen sink, kitchen table, dresser and bed. There were 18 of these in this one building, which … . . . → Read More: CityKin: Old OTR Efficiency Apts

CityKin: test . . . → Read More: CityKin: test

CityKin: Arb’s Car Wash on 14th

The new Washington Park. All the new restaurants on Vine Street, but you never hear about this business in all the hype:: . . . → Read More: CityKin: Arb’s Car Wash on 14th

CityKin: Ehrlich Shoes 1600 Main

1986: 2009: Close up of Ehrlich’s shoes sign: [Where: 1600 Main Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202] nec Liberty and MainI originally made this blog post in August 2009. Over past few years I have been contacted by people who used to shop here, and by the Ehr… . . . → Read More: CityKin: Ehrlich Shoes 1600 Main

CityKin: It Floods Often on Wheeling Island

and retail in the town proper is suffering fascinating place . . . → Read More: CityKin: It Floods Often on Wheeling Island

CityKin: Stairs to Parking Garage Washington Park

CityKin: My Single Spring Post

Random photos from the past month or so FWIW: Washington Park, corner entry at 14th and Race biking around kid carrying bike Motor on my roof went bad Moron bumper sticker 410 and 408 West Liberty, owned by Olivia Champion and Cincinnati Change In… . . . → Read More: CityKin: My Single Spring Post

CityKin: Invention of Jaywalking

One key turning point, according to Norton, came in 1923 in Cincinnati. Citizens’ anger over pedestrian deaths gave rise to a referendum drive. It gathered some 7,000 signatures in support of a rule that would have required all vehicles in the city to be fitted with speed governors limiting them to 25 miles per hour. -Article in The Atlantic Cities . . . → Read More: CityKin: Invention of Jaywalking

CityKin: Suburban Growth Still Declining

“Suburban housing prices may not recover in our lifetime,” Shiller said, calling the development of suburbs since 1950 “unusual,” enabled only by the rise of the automobile and the nation’s highway system. “With the bursting of the bubble, we may be… . . . → Read More: CityKin: Suburban Growth Still Declining

CityKin: Ice Skating and Police Horse

Last day of the season for the ice rink on Fountain Square today  . . . → Read More: CityKin: Ice Skating and Police Horse

CityKin: Adriatico’s New Location

We tried to go to Adriatico’s yesterday. It looked like they were open, but they were just doing deliveries. They said the restaurant will hopefully open Thursday. They just built a new building next to Pomodori’s. After decades of being a delivery… . . . → Read More: CityKin: Adriatico’s New Location

CityKin: Another Walk 2

A New Years walk is turning into a bit of a tradition with my son. I love the quiet companionship on a cold day walk. First came upon the recently demolished 1314 Vine Cornice laying on ground   Stones intended for Washington Park to match old… . . . → Read More: CityKin: Another Walk 2

CityKin: video try

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