So what is WKRP.com all about?  It’s about a lot of things and has been many things.  That trend continues to this day.  It was started back in 1997 and has taken on many forms.  The one true form it has always maintained is email site for a small number of people.  Other than that it’s been a search engine interface to a number of search engines (selectable), a blog, and a link aggregation site of sorts.  Some of those things it’s been that a number of times and used many content management systems to do it.

The site is now solidifying into it’s purpose;  A blog aggregation site for the blogs of Cincinnati.  Following that will be many other things to be added later.  The blog aggregation worked well in the past but it wasn’t the greatest of set ups.  Now that code has been worked out so things should be much better. The goal with the blog aggregation is to promote the blogs of the Greater Cincinnati area.  It will be a fair representation with a focus on Blogs.  Other social media sites may be tied in later we’ll see. 

The actual postings of WKRP.com will be present but will be fair to the other blogs.  The current post will be a sticky post, that is on top, for about two weeks.  After that it will fall in line with the rest of the posts.  WKRP.com posts will be more about blogs and less about a soap box for issues.  Though some things will be hard to resist not to talk about.  The intention and overall goal is to be a neutral site giving you a wide swath of views, opinions, topics and whatever else the Blogs Around Cincinnati happen to cover.


Here are some other things:  This will be moved to an FAQ later.

Do I need to register to post a comment?

Currently no.  Comments on the WKRP.com posts are allowed and anonymous.  Comments for the syndicated posts should be done at that authors website.  Follow the links to comment on the authors website.

Will I be able to sign up and post content directly to WKRP.com?

Maybe in the future but we have to crawl before we can walk and walk before we run.  For now create your own blog which is easy to do, check out wordpress.com.  Then just submit it here for syndication.

Can I submit my blog?


How often will my posts be checked?

That’s a secret but we are gentle on servers.  If you post often you will remain on the front page.  However if we catch flooding we will just quietly remove your site.

How long are the posts syndicated for?

Syndicated posts are kept listed in this site for 3 months.  If you would like your posts / site removed please just use the submit blog page to do so.  If updates to an already syndicated post occur the system should adjust it automatically.