Moving along nicely

More Blogs have been added!  Also working on category pages, the movie times page (got to make it nicer), and a couple other things.  One thing being considered is to remove syndicated posts older than just a few weeks.  Right now it’s set to a year but I feel that’s a bit too long still. We’ll see how this fleshes out.  One really major thing I’m working on is a URL shortener for  So imagine you can tweet with as you shortened URL.   It’s still at least a few weeks off as I’m working out the defenses for spammers and malicious jack asses.  Once I get that done it’s pretty much ready.  Just a simple link shortener with no splash pages, ugly tool bars, or advertising to get in your way.

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It is forcast to be Rain Showers at 11:00 PM EDT on October 31, 2014
Rain Showers
It is forcast to be Mostly Cloudy at 11:00 PM EDT on November 01, 2014
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